Fundación ETEA para el Desarrollo y la Cooperación

The ETEA Foundation

The ETEA Foundation for Development and Cooperation is a University centre working in research, training and action related to the field of development and cooperation.

In 2002 the ETEA Foundation was created, inheriting the experience in development and cooperation activities of ETEA, University Institution belonging to the Society of Jesus in Córdoba, Spain.

The ETEA Foundation´s principles for development and cooperation are:

  • Analysis of and action on the critical factors pertaining to development at local and global levels.

  • Contributing to the strengthening of the system in order to aid development and improve the quality of cooperation. 

  • Contributing to the creation of human capital and the strengthening of academia in the South.

  • Giving priority to development and coorporation with northern universities in the field of teaching and research.


Besides, there are two centres dedicated to research in development issues, which have been created to support the activities of the ETEA Foundation and other partner institutions que: The Institute of Studies for Equality and the Spanish Institute  of Central American Studies (IDECA), with offices in España, Guatemala, Honduras and Nicaragua.

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