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On 27th May an informative session concerning the Agriculture Development Plan of the Ministry of Agriculture and Fishing (MAGAP) of Ecuador took place at the Meeting Centre of Guayaquil. In this context, a delegation consisting of Mr. Danilo Cueva, President of GAL CENTRE-NORTH, MR. Evaristo Calle, Representative of GAL SOUTH, and Ms. Alexandra Verduga, Representative of the ETEA Foundation in the north of Manabí, had an exclusive meeting with the Ministry of MAGAP, Mr. Walter Poveda.

In this meeting it was analysed the process developed by the ETEA Foundation together with the Provincial Development Agency of Manabí (ADPM) and several actors in the north and south of Manabí to create Local Action Groups. The meeting, where the functioning of these groups was explained, finished with the arrangement of a next meeting on 11th June, which will be attended by Mr. Manuel Delgado, expert consultant and researcher of the ETEA Foundation, in order to concrete proposals to support these development processes.

Strengthening of Local Development Groups in Manabí

  • GAL SOUTH of Manabí

The Local Development Group of the south of Manabí (GAL SOUTH) signed an agreement to become a formal institution, which is currently in an advanced situation. It works actually in the elaboration of its bylaws with the support of attorneys from the six municipalities involved in the process. They had a meeting on 26th May that concluded with the finishing of a complete draft, which should be approved soon by GAL SOUTH.

On the other hand, the Technical University of the South of Manabí (UNESUM) has ended a research concerning the “Coffee Route”. Its purpose was the baseline survey of the tourist resources that will compose this ecological rural tourist pack. This is the first step to begin activities in order to promote the tourist sector in the south of Manabí, which is currently focused on two main areas, Santa Ana y Puerto López. One of the aims of this Route is to generate synergies in the region through a more complete and extensive product, which groups all the six municipalities. The principal appeals of this route will be ecosystem diversity, cultural tradition around coffee and craftwork, as well as workshops about agriculture products transformation.

GAL SOUTH is about to sign a project in the framework of the Rural Development Programme belonging the Ministry of Agriculture and Fishing (PRODER) in order to support its strengthening, as well as the development of a Training Plan for Monitoring Staff in Business Projects and Plans and a specialised consultancy to develop the Coffee Route Project.

PRODER finances 18.000 dollars for this proposal and the ETEA Foundation acts as a collaborating entity of the project. It is remarkable that GAL SOUTH is already establishing alliances and projects directly with development institutions.

  • GAL CENTRE–NORTH of Manabí

The Local Development Group of the centre and north of Manabí (GAL CENTRE-NORTH) is practically constituted. Currently, a legal commission, consisted of member from the four municipalities, are working on its bylaws and the possible legal forms.

GAL CENTRE-NORTH will assist to the El Carmen Agricultural and Cattle raising Fair. In this fair, one of the most important of Ecuador, a stand will be installed by GAL so that organisations consisted of producers, cooperatives and workshops can show their products.

Handmade cheese, citrus fruits marmalade, coffee and cacao, cacao paste, sugar cane liquors, and other products will be shown, on 14th-15th July, under the same denomination “GAL CENTRE-NORTH”.

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