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A competition of business initiatives has been organised in order to strengthen business capabilities of businessmen related to the micro and small-sized business sector. The purposes are the transfer of knowledge as well as to facilitate the economic inversion needed to start up a business.

The experience of the Business Development Centre (CDE), set up by the ETEA Foundation in Antigua (Guatemala), has generated a more integrative vision of economic development in the framework of the project executed with funds from the Delegation of Cordoba. As a result of this intervention, needs of many social and business productive units have been satisfied and collaborating proposals have been posed.

The CDE offers training and assistance to design a business project, so that people interested in taking part in the competition can get the minimum requirements to participate, in order to guarantee viability of the initiatives. Also, the CDE offers to the winner a price consisting of capital to run the business project, as well as technical assistance.

The result of the competition will be known on 23th July in the Ruinas de Capuchinas.

For further information please contact to the Business Development Centre:

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